Welcome! WorldShards is a Sandbox-RPG with a levelless progress system. Explore the mysterious fantasy world of Murrlandia, solve its mysteries, and help its tiny inhabitants to rebuild their home!

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About the game

Welcome to Murrlandia, a mysterious world filled with dormant ancient magic, split into millions of pieces by a terrible CAT-a-strophe. Its inhabitants, peaceful furry creatures called Meowkles. After all these years, they still haven't lost hope in rebuilding their homeland and making it as prospering and lovely as it was before the CAT-a-strophe.

Prepare for a journey: a magical world is waiting! Made up of floating islands, and full of monsters and ancient puzzles. Develop your own island, gather resources and craft mighty weapons and equipment. Team up with your friends, fight monsters and help the Meowkles restore peace to their homeland. Who knows: maybe, you're the Hero this world has been waiting for.


A levelless system

Character progression is not deterministic: you will have access to all progression paths and all gameplay options from the start, from fighting powerful bosses to crafting — from resource cultivation to trading.

Immersive sim

Every game situation will offer you various ways of solving it. You decide how you want to act. Will you: try to defeat all the monsters, get to the treasure unnoticed, or try to solve the problem with diplomacy.

Endless new territories to explore

WorldShards’ world is not made up of pre-created continents. Endless generation of the game world coupled with hand crafted adventures, allow it to be truly massive, filled with events and content to explore.


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