About us

About us

Our team have gathered people with rich experience in creating high-grossing games. Many of us have worked for companies such as Playrix, Wargaming, Gaijin Entertainment, Game Insight, Social Quantum, G5 Entertainment, Innova and others. And we bundled together to make a new game. A game that millions of players will love. We are result-oriented professionals. And we know how successful games are done.
We are not going to slow down, much less stop after the game's release. Our project WorldShards is what we are going to dedicate the next years of our work in the game industry to.

We are confident that we have everything we need to do this: the right people, a clear plan, and a vision for the project that surpasses anything we've ever done before.

Our team

Keith Kawahata is a gaming veteran with 15 years of Free 2 Play (F2P) and Games as a Service (GaaS) experience. Keith operated teams and studios large (2000+) and small with cumulative product revenue of >$5 Billion (USD, Gross) + and installs of 4 Billion+. Former Head of Games @ Applovin, Head of Mobile @ Wargaming, VP of Product @ GREE, VP Revenue @ Kabam.

Keith Kawahata

Andrey has 18+ years of experience in free-to-play game development, publishing and operations, most successful products achieved more than $500M+ in revenue. Former General Manager @ Wargaming Moscow, Head of Mobile Publishing @ Wargaming, Chief Operations Officer @ Mail.ru Games. Since 2019 Andrey founded an independent development studio.

Andrei Zimenco
Founder | CEO

Working since 2011 in the industry, Andrey is great at ensuring that the team completes the full cycle of development and keeps their sanity when doing so. He is skilled at operating and producing digital, mobile and PC projects. He grew and released the most popular mobile FPS Guns of Boom, as a production lead in Game Insight. Andrey is very skilled in team gathering & management, products owning

Andrei Kirichenko
Product owner

Nikita is a truly experienced gamer and a master in the craft of game-design. With over 11 years in the industry, he is gifted in creating fresh and authentic fantasy worlds and letting the player experience them through his handcrafted gameplay experience. He now leads the game-design team and helps develop new specialists. Nikita is in charge of what could be described as being the "heart of WorldShards".

Nikita Nikitin
Game producer

As our art-director, Elena has over 13 years of experience in game-development. As a CG-artist, she had worked on 10+ projects, coordinated as an Art Director all art production and GUI development for 20+ projects at Game Insight. Then she gained deep knowledge of game art production, process management. She had also worked as an art producer in Wargaming Mobile Publishing. She's confident in art, making

Elena Elizarova
Art director

Working more than 10 years in the industry (previous 6 years with our team), Anton has always shown himself as a highly experienced professional in game-development. He provides extraordinary solutions, professional curiosity, perfect task-management, high skills in all possible technologies — Anton is a true multifaceted specialist who's leading the development team as our CTO.

Anton Vasiliev
CTO | Client team lead

Dmitry is a veteran in the gaming industry. Working since 2004 as C++ developer, he has developed game engines, AI and bots as well as having worked on the Blood Magic franchise at SkyFallen. From 2011 and until 2018 Dmitry achieved a new milestone when he started working on WarThunder and WT: World War at Gaijin Ent. Dmitry now contributes to the project with his innovative skills and his ability to convert impossible

Dmitry Chernikov
Server team lead

Vladimir started his career as a sound-designer as far back as 2002. His portfolio includes sound-design, localizations and sound-producing for games like: Morrowind, Mafia 2, Fallout 3, Doom 3, Disciples III, Postal 3, Far Cry 4-5, Assassin's Creed franchise, Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six, all Game Insight projects and many others localized for CIS. Always ready to record, Vladimir has the ability to always deliver on the requests of the team.

Vladimir Greznev
Sound producer

When working with Evgeniy, asking him to just “make it beautiful” will always be enough direction. His taste in art and style is impeccable. Evgeniy has been working in gamedev for 18 years, starting his path in G5 Ent. as an artist; working on Legend: Legacy of Dragons, 3Kingdom, Juggernaut, Territory (ITT), Dragons Eternity, Tank Domination and Guns of Boom at Game Insight. Evgeniy now shapes the art of WorldShards

Evgeniy Bunin
2D art lead

Graduated from the Novosibirsk State University as a physicist, Dmitry got into 3D-modeling and visual development in 2005. Being a true expert in 3D modeling and creature design. Do you need a cat-like robot? Human-like werewolf? It's easy for Dmitry. He has extensive knowledge and experience in visual development, art-production and any evaluation of game content.

Dmitry Chernov
3D art lead

Started as a junior-modeler, Renat tried his hand at a lot of different roles in gamedev: QA, game-designer, level-designer and tech artist. All this experience allowed him to become a lead technical artist. Renat knows the intricacies that make up every game, how it should be optimized in order for it to be playable on a toaster. He is also the master of creating order from chaos, organizing a myriad of assets, resources and

Renat Abuzarov
Tech art lead

worked on

We are always ready to try and learn new things.
Our project vision is very ambitious and we are challenging ourselves, not looking up to other projects.